The beat behind the Bop


Where did the name Bop to Tottom come from?
Believe it or not? A slip of the tongue! Karen was talking about her vision and insisted the store would sell everything...from bop to tottom.

Can I shop online?
You bet! We offer our Exit 19 items for online purchase and in-store pickup. We are slowly expanding our online shop so keep checking back - or sign-up for our email updates

Do you ship orders?
But of course! Got home and really wish you had bought that dress? We'll ship it! Love the mug you just saw on Instagram? We'll ship it! Just contact us www.boptotottom.com/pages/contact - we're happy to get you what you need.

What are your COVID precautions?
We have followed the CDC's recommendation since the beginning of the pandemic. We currently recommend vaccinated shoppers to wear a mask, and require those who aren't to wear one. Our dressing rooms remain open, and we rigorously clean the entire store. Hand sanitizer is available as well. Our entire staff is vaccinated.

Can I bring my dog into the store?
We love our four-legged friends! Well-behaved dogs, on a leash are more than welcome. Our customers appreciate the same thing for small children, too... LOL!

      OK, how many hair colors has Karen really had?
      Fair question! When Karen opened the store in 2000, she had stunning...purple hair! Next up: platinum blonde. Like, BLONDE blonde. After that, Karen softened to a strawberry blonde - think a fierce version of a little girl on a prairie. Speaking of fierce, Karen's next hair color was red. And right now? Well right now she's loving her COVID-inspired salt and pepper. 

      Will Karen take the color plunge again? Stay tuned!


      Where are we?

      We are OPEN!!! The Bop to Tottom store is located at 334 Wall St, Kingston, NY 12401.


      Our current winter hours:
      Sunday — Tuesday  • closed

      Wednesday — Friday • 11:00 - 5:00

      Saturday • 11:00 - 4:00


      How do I contact you?

      Please call us at 845-338-8100 or email anytime at hello@boptotottom.com.