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Gift shopping should never be about settling; the experience should be a gift in and of itself. One should feel warmly welcomed, surrounded by an array of such amusing wonders that the hard part is choosing; the memory of the purchase adds joy to the presentation. And if you wind up spending less than you’d expected and have a tad left over for coffee or a glass of wine, so much the better.

Karen Clark Adin understands. “My basic gifting tenet is that giving gifts, including gifts to yourself, is all about the exchange of energy. If it’s your birthday and I go into a store able to spend $15 and find something for $20, the angst goes with the gift. But if you find that perfect treat for $12, the joy comes with it, too. Gifting is about positive loving energy; Bop to Tottom is about making it accessible to more people. It’s not about money, it’s about love; that’s where I started and it’s still what I go by.” Continue Reading...

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